Writing and Adoption

Like many adoptees, I created stories throughout my childhood concerning my natural family. These lived entirely in my head and varied wildly. I knew little about who my natural mother was; less about my natural father. I made them up. When I found my mother and father, I gained details surrounding my birth and about my natural family. Still, these aren’t the same as the stories I hold about my own children. I think story is one of the key ways we make meaning of our lives. And one of the key elements of my life is being adopted. So I write fiction and creative nonfiction connected to that.

In addition to writing about my own adoption and reunion experience in fiction and creative nonfiction, I offer workshops and coaching for members of the adoption triad. I’ve been in reunion with my natural mother since 2005, and with my natural father since 2007. I maintain strong relationships with both my natural and adoptive families. The journey here has been the most challenging of my life, and well worth it.  I hope my writing and classes help others along their journey.

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