Adoption Triad

In addition to writing about my own adoption and reunion experience in fiction and creative nonfiction, I offer workshops and coaching for members of the adoption triad. I’ve been in reunion with my natural mother since 2005, and with my natural father since 2007. I maintain strong relationships with both my natural and adoptive families. The journey here has been the most challenging of my life, and well worth it.  I hope my writing and classes help others along their journey.

I can work with you one-on-one, in person if you’re in the Carolinas, Georgia and some parts of Tennessee and Florida; otherwise email, phone and Skype work nicely.

I also offer workshops for groups of adoptees who are processing their story, thinking about reunion or in reunion; prospective and current adoptive parents; and natural parents along all parts of the journey. I’m available to travel to your group. Regardless of your role in the triad, I seek to use writing to help you access your story fully and capture it on the page whether you want to write for yourself, to share with other members of your triad or for publication.


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