Writing Instruction

I’ve been writing, editing and teaching writing workshops and classes of one kind or another for the past (yikes!) 25 years. I first offered workshops in technical writing and editing, then added magazine writing, creative writing, college composition and literature, and, mostly recently, yoga and meditation.


My workshops focus primarily on creative writing, including flash fiction, memoir, writing and yoga, writing for teachers, for members of the adoption triad and for those seeking to capture family stories. Feel free to message me if there’s something you have in mind that you don’t see here. If I don’t teach it, I probably know someone who does.


I’m available as a WRITING COACH. Having written a novel and completed an MFA with a full-time job, three children and two dogs, I’m well aware of the challenges other important parts of our lives present to our writing practice. I can help you clear the space in you life (and in your head and heart) that you need in order to have the writing life you want.

Part of what I gained from the MFA program at Queens University of Charlotte was EDITING skills. Each month, a new round of manuscripts appeared in my inbox for critique, with only a week’s time to do it. In addition to developing my own eye for editing, I learned from seeing my peers’ critiques of each other as well as our instructor. I am available to edit manuscripts of all lengths.

Message me here or email heather@heathergmarshall.com to discuss pricing, locations and details.


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