The Winners – Baker Prize 2014

The Reading Room (Seòmar Leughaidh)

At last we can reveal the results of the Baker Prize 2014. 

ENGLISH POETRY sponsored by Isle of Skye Baking Company 
Overall winner
         Lindsay Macgregor                     Robert Dick
Runner up
         Cathy Whittaker                          Keeping the Dough Alive
Highly commended
         Pat Borthwick                               Cherry Pie
         Lorn Macintyre                             Dough

ENGLISH PROSE – sponsored by Richard Neath Design Services
Overall winner
         Heather Marshall                         Where the Crust Breaks
Runner up
         Ken Morlich                                   Swiderek
Highly commended
         Juliet Lamb                                     Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
         L M Morgan                                   A Baker’s Son
         Cassie Smith-Christmas               Half-clouded Sky
         Mairi Sutherland                           Bread Maker Extraordinaire          

 GAELIC WRITING – sponsored by Pràban, “The Gaelic Whiskies”
 Overall winner
         Marcas Mac an Tuairneir               Ainneamhag
Runner up
         Marcas Mac an Tuairneir                Bioran

MONIACK NEW WRITER PRIZE – sponsored by Moniack Mhor
 Overall winner
         Ken Morlich                                     Swiderek
Highly commended Prose –
         Cheryl Godfrey Ross                       Give us each day our daily bread…
         Sacha Kyle                                        Uprising

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