Hello, Self…

Five Writers

By Darlene Cah

We maintain many relationships in our lives as wrPositive Affirmaitoniters. Professionally, we may interact with editors, publishers, book sellers, beta readers, writer colleagues, managers, publicity people, fans (Hey, I’m thinking big, here!).

Personally, we have spouses or significant others, friends, parents, siblings, extended family members, non-writing professional acquaintances, such as doctors, accountants, among others. All these people affect us. Their support or lack of support can shape how we view ourselves as writers. They influence our writing—from providing us with storylines or dialogue to unknowingly offering up character traits or physical attributes. On another level their opinions about our work matter to us, and depending on how close the relationship is, an opinion can determine whether or not we continue with a certain project. So building solid relationships, hopefully based on mutual trust and respect, is essential to our writing lives.

As all these important people fill…

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