Mindful Flow Writing

Middle of the week–mid-flow–seems like the right time to write the first post about Mindful Flow Writing.

This spring, I’ll be offering a series of Mindful Flow Writing workshops, so I’m starting to post here about what Mindful Flow Writing is, offering insights into my own practice as well as ideas for yours, for use whether you are interested in journal prompts, creative nonfiction, fiction or poetry.

To help me define Mindful Flow Writing, I turned to my trusty Shorter Oxford English Dictionary (Oxford University Press, Fifth Edition), which offers the following:

Mindful/adjective:  “taking heed or care; being conscious or aware” (Vol. 2, p.1782 )

river for flowFlow/noun: “any continuous movement resembling the flow of a river” (Vol. 1, p. 989)

Writing/noun: “the action, process or practice of writing” (Vol. 2., p. 3683)

Simply put, these, combined offer the opportunity to put pen to paper and to bring our full awareness to the moment on the page and flow along at whatever pace seems right in that moment. Easy to say. Harder to do. Having a practice of mindfulness in daily life helps. Teaching and taking mindful flow yoga classes has also helped me to develop these skills, and to recognize that it’s all a practice, and that some days the flow seems smoother than others. Neither of those is a requirement, though. Start wherever you are.

Today, when you sit down to write, notice whether you allow the flow to happen. If something blocks it, what is it? No judgement here, just open curiosity. Whatever it is, just notice it, then let it go. Move the pen again. Keep going.


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