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The Forgiveness Project

Over the past few years, the Greenville Yoga community has become an important part of my life. I’m delighted to be able to offer a workshop in conjunction with The Forgiveness Project, which Greenville Yoga is hosting in September.

The installation, the F Word: Images of Forgiveness, will arrive in Greenville in early September. All month long, workshops and classes will explore the healing power of forgiveness. On the 12th, from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m., I will offer a workshop — Write Your Way to Forgiveness —  that combines gentle yoga with writing to help participants explore moments of their pasts that have caused unresolved hurt or shame, write what acknowledgment, apology or reparation  they might want, and envision what their lives might be like if they could relinquish resentment, indignation and anger.

Please read, below, for the month-long schedule of events. Links below the schedule offer more information about Greenville Yoga and about The Forgiveness Project.

September: A Month of Forgiveness

September 2013 @ Augusta Road

As part of our intention to “be the change” we will host a silent auction with all money to help us bring the F Word: Images of Forgiveness to Greenville. We are hosting this month in conjunction with Nicole Martin of Raspberry Moon. She has been the guiding force in helping us bring the art exhibit to Greenville and helping us delve further into the experience of forgiveness.

This is a thought provoking collection of images and personal narratives exploring forgiveness in the face of atrocity. First launched in London in 2004, it has since been displayed in over 300 venues worldwide. Drawing together voices from South Africa, America, Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland and England, the exhibition examines forgiveness as a healing process, a journey out of victimhood and, ultimately, a journey of hope.  We are honored to bring this to Greenville with a month of events focused on forgiveness.

Join us the month of September to explore the theme of forgiveness and what it really means.  Events will be held at Augusta Road unless stated otherwise.  We are still adding to our list of events.  Please check again soon.

  • September 3-18 Art installation titled “the F Word: Images of Forgiveness” (free)
  • September 6th Opening Reception and Viewing of “the F Word”, 7-9pm (free)
  • September 7th Anniversary Party & Silent Auction to raise funds for the Forgiveness Project (free)
  • September 12th Write Your Way to Forgiveness with Heather Marshall, 7:30-9 pm (donations to Julia Valentine Center)
  • September 15th Speaker Therese Bartholomew and documentary screening (free); Therese’s brother was murdered in Greenville and September 15th would be his 44th birthday.
  • September 22nd Yoga, Breathing & Forgiveness Workshop with Liz, 4-6pm (donations)