A to Z: Nature

Week three, day two of the A to Z Blog Challenge: Nature. In particular, the Nature of Character.

I’m in love with the outdoors, with the wild. I think it’s genetic. My first words were connected to the outdoors. My first two-word combo was out play. I’m still called to go out play as often as possible, on foot, on two wheels, in a kayak, on a paddleboard, with my dogs, children, friends. So, it’s probably natural (sorry, can’t help it) that I like fiction that goes out play and allows the outdoors to reveal things about the characters in it. Here’s a link to my craft essay, The Nature of Character: Learning to Read the Natural Landscape and Use it to Develop Characters. 


I hope you enjoy it and that it encourages to open the door and take yourself (and your characters) out play.


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