A to Z: Intention

Week two, day three of the A to Z Challenge and here we are at yoga and writing practice again. Hurray! This time I encourage you to begin each writing session using one of the same tools yogis use when they enter  a yoga session: setting an intention.

Sounds easy. I can hear you thinking, “I intend to write.” Some of you are going further, “I intend to write for half an hour, on the next chapter of my novel, until my pen runs out of ink.” All of these are great intentions. But they are like stepping onto the yoga mat thinking, “I intend to do yoga.” The more competetive of you might say, “I intend to do yoga for an hour, in a new pose, until my bum cramps.” The point isn’t to reach a quantitative goal today, in this session of writing or yoga. The point is to look more deeply inward and settle on what’s way down deep. What do you wish your writing practice could bring you or others? What’s something worth focusing your time and energy on over the long haul? What’s been nagging for attention?In yoga, this could mean setting the intention to shed a little anger or some self doubt. It could mean setting the intention of developing more peace or kindness. In writing, it could mean setting the intention to shed the critic — you know, the unproductive voice that says your writing isn’t good; it could mean setting the intention of trusting yourself and your writing.

So, next time you come to the page (or the laptop), sit a minute.


Set an intention.


One response to “A to Z: Intention

  1. This is really helpful. Quantitative goals at my stage ie beginners will really help with discipline I think.


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