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Thank you to everyone involved with The Reading Room.

The Reading Room (Seòmar Leughaidh)


Seriously – WOW.

On behalf of the Reading Room Committee, I must say a few words of thanks to everyone who made last night such a remarkable occasion. To everyone who came and listened to the readings and shared in the evening; to the judges who all gave their time in both the selection process and to support us at the event itself; to the hotel staff for looking after us so well; to our sponsors for their support; to the committee members who give their time each and every day to help keep the reading room ticking along; to my wife, Max who helped organise the results of the competition in a way that I could never have done on my own (and who, in the excitement of the evening, I forgot to thanks – sorry); to every single one of you who sat down and wrote…

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Kaolin, in Northwords Now

Kaolin, in Northwords Now.

Kaolin, in Northwords Now

In November, 2011, I had a wee bit of spare time on a trip back to Scotland. I’d been shopping in Glasgow and met with speedier success than anticipated, so I had an extra hour before I had to hop on the train from Queen Street to Stirling for dinner at Uncle Brian’s. What else would a good writer do but duck into the nearest bookshop and then coffee shop (yes, I know, bookshop then bar might be closer to the mark) and sip something strong while catching up on what’s on in the local and regional literary scene? Amongst the many interesting goings on in the Scottish Literary Scene, I found Northwords Now, a wonderful literary journal. I also found guidelines for a then-new literary competition, The Baker Prize. I submitted to both and wound up winning The Baker Prize with one piece of fiction — Payline — and having another — Between Sea and Sky — accepted for Northwords Now. That was a year ago, in 2012.

This year, 2013, The Baker Prize and Northwords Now have teamed up. The journal is publishing the winners, runners up and highly commended stories and poems of The Baker Prize. Here’s a link to the website. Follow the instructions to get the issue, which contains the lot of them (and lots of other great writing), in whichever format suits you best:

Happy reading!

Big Girls Don’t Cry

Big Girls Don’t Cry.

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Setting an Intention, part two

Setting an Intention, part two.

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The Letter

The Letter.

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