The Reading Room (Seòmar Leughaidh)

It’s beginning to sound a bit like the BAFTAs – the Baker Prize 2012 Awards ceremony….

Seriously though, it is lining up to be a wonderful evening – a celebration of talented poets and writers who are travelling not just from the far reaches of Fife, but from the far shores of South Carolina.

Juliet Lamb, (pictured below) first prize winner of the English Prose Section, and Heather Marshall Magruder, second prize winner, English Prose, are both flying over from the States to be with us on Tuesday evening. I promise I won’t make another joke what they’re putting in the water (especially as Heather might be bringing me some)


And we’re also welcoming Deborah Moffatt, first prize winner in the English Poetry Section, Garry Mackenzie, second prize winner and Alison Barr, highly commended, both in the English Poetry section.

All of the winners mentioned above will be attending the…

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